Wednesday, January 16, 2013

David O. Russell vs. Lily Tomlin While Making I Heart Huckabees: The Infamous Video

Posted by Nicholas Stix

[Thanks to chrismatthewsrox and Steve Sailer.]


Anonymous said...

Isn't hollyweird wonderful?

Imagine what would happen, in an office somewhere, if a male boss all of a sudden went off, cussing out a female employee. Using the F word, calling her a "bitch" and "cunt". Also, tearing up the office while he did it.

How long do you think such a guy would have had a job? How long before he was sued?

I wonder if the director would have had the balls to do this to either an A class female celeb, or to a male celeb? And here I thought La La land was so pro feminist. Yeah, when it comes to abortion on demand and allowing women to be easy sluts it is.

Well, good thing she wasn't black. It would have been rayshism.

Hollywood is full of psychopaths, sociopaths, perverts, thugs, bullies, narcissists, and general lowlifes.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tomlin actually started with the profanity, I thought her more passive aggressive attack on Mr. Russell was equally, if not more, offensive. Perhaps he overreacted but who does Ms. Tomlin think she is calling him out in front of everyone like that? A big star? Actors are there to do a job, which is work within a script and show structure outlined by writers and directors, Ms. Tomlin has some celebrity but she's there to perform not try to be a writer or director, clearly her ego told her otherwise. Young actors or actors with integrity do their job, like anyhone else, as best they can for their employers, it's called being a trooper, my take is that Ms. Tomlin didn't want to make that effort, she felt she was to big a star to "gasp" WORK! No young actor trying to break into the biz is going to question the writer/director like that, they'd just do what they were hired to do. Maybe she had a point about Mr. Russell's writes and rewrites making the job "difficult", OK, tell that to the millions of people doing thankless tedious blue collar jobs for low pay while you're laboring through a "difficult" script. I'm sure they'll feel very sorry for you Ms. Tomlin.