Tuesday, January 15, 2013

BREAKING NEWS! Only Thomas Receives New Trial in Knoxville Horror Case


Knoxville Horror kidnapping-gang-rape-torture-murder victims, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. The atrocity was committed over six years ago.

By David in TN

Judge Walter Kurtz today denied new trials for Letalvis Cobbins and Lemaricus Davidson, but granted a new trial for George Thomas.

George Thomas at his sentencing hearing, on March 4, 2010

Davidson, the "alleged" ringleader, and his half-brother, Cobbins, were convicted of the torture-murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in January, 2007. Davidson received the death penalty and Cobbins "life without parole."

Lemaricus Davidson at his sentencing hearing

Thomas will receive a new trial. There was conclusive DNA evidence against both Davidson and his half-brother Cobbins. There was no forensic or physical evidence against Thomas. The testimony of witnesses was the key in his original trial. This is why Judge Kurtz ruled Thomas will be tried again.

In his first trial, Thomas was sentenced to "life without parole."

DNA evidence linked both Davidson and his half-brother to the rapes of Christian. In addition, Cobbins took the stand in his first trial and admitted to the rape and taking part in the carjacking. Davidson's prints were on trash bags wrapped around Christian's body. Davidson was wearing Chris Newsom's shoes when arrested.

Letalvis Cobbins with a new perm at his February 25, 2010 sentencing hearing

There will be more news in the next few days.

Vanessa Coleman at her first sentencing hearing, on May 13, 2010. She has since been re-convicted, and is due to be re-sentenced next month.

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