Friday, January 11, 2013

The Gun-Free Zone Solution to Gun Violence (Video)

Gun Free Zones: The 1/2-Hour News Hour
Posted by Nicholas Stix

[A 21-gun free zone poster salute to PiOfFive.]


PDK said...

For what it`s worth:

Although it may be more who not what, there is a very, unmistakable interplay of liberals and their democrat party, and that would be those who pursue a socialist democracy, and the blacks and browns.

First, the liberals and their democrat party are out to destroy our Founding Fathers American free enterprise Republic, usurping it with their socialist democracy. The former enriches a culture beyond belief, the latter milks dry that very, free enterprise created cornucopia of wealth.

Second, it is primarily the blacks and browns who are the recipients of the liberal democrat’s redistribution of free enterprise created wealth, which of course is primarily born of white people. The blacks and browns are incapable of higher culture creation and higher culture maintenance. However, they are enfranchised in our fully enfranchised democratic process and therefore vote to take from whitey and give to blackie and browie by voting democrat.

The democrats also stifle our free enterprise system by over regulating and over taxing the very businesses that create the wealth to begin with. Further the liberal democrat politicians practice an out of control cronyism that steals tax dollars for themselves. They are a very immature lot who literally practice the art of successful envy and selfishness.

If helping blacks and browns was a one-time deal who would care, but that is not the case. Since FDR and LBJ the liberal democrat policy of socialism has done nothing positive for anyone or anything except the liberal democrat party, the socialist democracy party.

Why is it American policy to enfranchise those, the blacks and browns, who are incapable of the white created and maintained free enterprise Republican culture? The blacks and browns are produced by a gene pool that produces a human sub-species designed to live in a tribal environment, and further is totally unequipped to function in a higher culture.

The God complexed, narcissistic liberal democrat leaders are themselves incapable of making it on their own, and thus use and abuse our system to carve out a niche for themselves, at the expense of the system, to achieve their desired lifestyle of power, fame and fortune.

Their ultimate goal is to usurp our free enterprise Republic and replace it with their much dreamed of socialist democracy, the purveyor of tyranny, poverty and misery, and further, ultimately pursue the new world, one world order of globalism, socialism and democracy.

The current liberal democrat movement to destroy the America second amendment of our Bill of rights is first and foremost about destroying our Republic and transmogrifying it into a democracy, and not about the unmedicated sufferers of psychosis.

The sand pours through the hour glass, our time grows short. When we older white male republicans die off the liberal democrats, especially considering their immigration policy of more blacks and browns and less whites will have the serious advantage they long for to destroy our free enterprise Republic and thusly an easy time instituting their socialist democracy.

I do advocate for a gathering together of non-liberal whites in republican states, that we may subsequently secede by declaring our independence and write a new Constitution that protects us from all that now ails our culture, liberal democrats, blacks, browns and Islamics. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Come on, all we have to do is rename the elementary schools, theaters and shopping malls as guns shows, firing ranges and police stations.
Problem solved. No more shootings and Piers can go back to piddling around in other peoples' business on the other side of the big puddle.

Baloo said...

I waited and waited till I couldn't stand it any longer and then I swiped it and linked to you here:

Feel free, of course, to swipe cartoons in exchange:)