Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Countenance on the New Economy: “Nobody is Actually Economically Productive Anymore, We Just Hustle for Donations Based on Reputations and Sob Stories...”

“Competing for Bucks.”


Gabby [Gabrielle Giffords] + [husband] Mark Kelly starting a new gun control foundation. They say they want to compete with and beat the NRA. But how do you expect to do that when you’re only creating competition with the Brady organization, such that a dollar given to it is not a dollar given to Brady, and vice-versa?...

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Chicago guy said...

Not to denigrate someone who went through such a horrible experience and actually survived, but why are people who become victims of something automatically accorded the status of being experts in that field?
The anti-gun people want the protection that people with guns provide, such as cops, security guards, etc. They just don't want to handle the guns personally but rather want their armed servants to do the work for them just like they hire maids to clean their houses rather than doing it themselves. Leave the untidy jobs to others. Most people in the country aren't high profile or deemed to be important so they feel insecure and unprotected.
There's so many groups out there raising funds that no one can really keep track of where the money actually goes. Salaries for themselves and relatives, expense accounts, travel, meals, etc., who can tell where it's all going. It's an industry that appears to have really grown big time in the past twenty years.

Anonymous said...

It turns out there was an armed civilian at the Clackamas Town Center than likely caused the shooter to back off and then take his own life. There was only one national press release regarding this. Amidst the howling for the banning of guns nobody wants this doscordant note thrown in.
Not only did the media do it's best to camouflage the shooters racial identity it has declined to cover why the shooter shot so few. Jerry