Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Say a Prayer for Lawrence Auster: He Needs It

By Nicholas Stix

Larry Auster has been fighting for his life against pancreatic cancer for some time. Although he recently said that his physical and intellectual stamina have been very limited, he has done incredible work over the last few months, as he has raced against the clock. Based on the quantity and quality of his output, I came to believe that the radical, unproven therapy he was undergoing might have stemmed the tide.
Alas, I was wrong. He has increasingly been suffering unendurable pain, whether from the cancer, the treatment, or both, he does not know, but it sounds like it’s the cancer.

At Auster’s blog, he has noted that one of his readers, Kristor, has
decided to organize a global vigil of massed intercessory prayer for him, using the web to propagate the effort as far and wide, and indeed as deep, as possible. Massed intercessory prayer has been the occasion of some truly remarkable events – not all of them physiological, by any means (and, for that matter, not all in the intended beneficiary of the prayer). Some background information may be found here.
The scheduled time for the prayer is “from 5:00 to 6:00 pm, Sunday, January 13,” EST.

I’m guessing that “intercessory” means asking God to intercede on behalf of the subject of the prayer. Apparently, the belief is that it makes more of an impression on Him if everyone’s voice is raised at the same time. I disagree. I am sure that if God listens to prayers, He will listen to isolated ones at odd times, just as much as to massed ones.

I just said one, after my fashion.

Please God, if it is in your power, please show Larry Auster mercy, and diminish his pain.

You done good, Larry.


Nicholas Stix


Nicawawa said...

Thanks for posting this Nicholas !

As one who is new to the race realist blogosphere, I must say that Lawrence is one of my most admired writers in this niche.

His good works will live on forever in the minds of spiritual kinfolk in the new generations that will follow and produce their own "politically incorrect" heroes.

I am reminded of the words from this beautiful Irish song of revolution, Boolavogue, which tells of a similar brave soul from 1798.

"May God grant you glory brave Lawrence Auster and open Heaven to all your kin

For the cause that called you may call tomorrow in another fight for justice again "

Glaivester said...

Please God, if it is in your power, please show Larry Auster mercy, and diminish his pain.

I would disagree with the conditional clause in that sentence. It is of course within His power to heal Lawrence Auster. The question is whether or not it is according to His will.