Sunday, January 06, 2013

Best Putdown of the GOP This Week

Posted by Nicholas Stix

“[T]he entrenchment of the Washington elite made the GOP the Washington Generals to the Democrats’ Harlem Globetrotters.”

[turfmann, Legal Insurrection, January 4, 2013, 5:15 a.m.]

GOP white flag wave at That Shaidle Maidle.

[Full disclosure: Grammar police action taken.]

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PDK said...

I`m wondering what would happen if some white, non-liberal, Hollywood heavies put together a series of commercials designed to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth about the Negroid gene pool and it` product, the black people. Not only would blacks get upset at having a mirror put to their real, true and non-illusional being, but so too would white liberals become enraged at having their needed illusion, that the only difference between whites and blacks is the color of the skin, laid bare as the illusion that it is, and made manifest for all.

Of course the most important truth of the Negroid, more “r” selective gene pool, with its shorter neotenous growth nature would necessarily have to be made clear first, allowing all to see that the nature of the Negroid gene pool is to produce a higher quantity of lower quality individuals, as witnessed by a greater capacity to reproduce in numbers, but further, to do so with an accompanying, physically smaller, lower IQ cerebrum.

Attention could then be turned onto the truth behind black failure in education. That blacks fail not because whitey holds blacks down, but because the black IQ is too low to promote the white, higher IQ standard of education upon them. Further, it could be strongly suggested that black education beyond 8th grade status therefore becomes a financial sinkhole, and further therefore, that white tax dollar spending on black education should be reduced to an 8th grade education.

White girls aged 12-18 years of age could be targeted for education about the truth for white women reproducing with black males for both the cultural and genetic realities. That culturally the black male is slothful and abusive, and the black gene pool`s input on her baby will be to lessen her baby`s IQ and further, will contribute to the black pursuit of melding themselves to the white gene pool to further themselves at the white`s gene pool`s expense.

For Christmas, both white liberals and blacks who embrace the illusion that Jesus was black and that white people stole him, such as the black Rastafarians, two doll like versions of Jesus the adult could be offered; one white with a relatively smaller body and larger head, and one black with a relatively larger body and smaller head.

Lastly black cultural dysfunction could be unveiled for what it really is; a lower IQed people, blacks, living in a higher IQed people’s world, the white world. That further, black incapability in the higher white world demands their disenfranchisement from our democratic processes, and further demands blacks accept secondary class status or a forced removal from our white culture by whatever means works best. Further, blacks as second class citizens could be striped of American rights. For example, blacks could and should have the American right to keep and bear arms denied them, they obviously can`t handle guns.

I believe a great amount of good could be accomplished by such an endeavor. Also, personally, I could get a decent amount of satisfaction witnessing Al Sharpton’s response to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth of the black phenomenon. Thank you.

How about a movie, "The Eve Carson Story"?