Thursday, November 08, 2018

Supreme Court, Here We Come! Appeals Court Rules against Trump on DACA Immigrant Policy

By Prince George's County Ex-Pat
Thu, Nov 8, 2018 11:21 p.m.
Appeals court rules against Trump on DACA immigrant policy

Appeals Court Rules against Trump on DACA Immigrant Policy

Appeals court rules against Trump on DACA immigrant policy

FILE - In this Aug. 15, 2012 file photo, a legal immigrant reads a guide of the conditions needed to apply for Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program at the Coalition for ...


Anonymous said...

Trump gave the Congress six months to solve the DACA situation. He was generous but Congress did not agree with one another and the problem persists. This will all be hashed out I suppose in the courts and Kavanaugh will cast the deciding vote I suppose.

Anonymous said...

(Bloomberg News)
The American Civil Liberties Union is challenging the Trump Administration’s latest attempt to seal the U.S. southern border by stopping undocumented migrants from seeking asylum after they’ve already entered the country.

The advocacy group is seeking a court order temporarily preventing the government from restricting asylum applications to those made at official ports of entry. The restrictions will take effect Saturday after President Donald Trump signed a proclamation formally changing asylum rules.

The administration is trying to stop migrants from entering the country through illegal border crossings and then applying to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for political asylum within a year. Currently, that application is followed by a so-called “credible fear” interview to determine the legitimacy of the applicant’s plight in their home country.

Under the new rules, migrants will first be scrutinized at the border for their method of entry. Those determined to have been evading authorities will rejected for asylum.

Administration officials claim the asylum system is broken and has been manipulated by foreign nationals to participate in the thriving U.S. economy. Immigrant advocates previously sued the Trump administration in October claiming the government has internally restricted the number of asylum seekers who can be processed daily by refusing to let them apply at ports of entry.

Many of those seeking refuge in the U.S. “cannot reasonably present at a port of entry and instead must enter elsewhere along the southern border,” the ACLU said in Friday’s complaint. Among the reasons: a lack of knowledge that officials ports of entry exist; an increased rate of “arbitrary denial” at the ports of entry; and life-threatening delays at these entry gates, according to the filing.

“Asylum seekers fleeing their home countries in Central America face an arduous journey to the United States, involving a high risk of violence, including sexual assault, along the way,” the ACLU said. “The region of Mexico near the border with the United States is a particularly violent area with limited law enforcement capacity. Asylum seekers turned back from a port of entry have been raped, beaten, and kidnapped and held for ransom by cartel members waiting outside.”
GRA:How in the world can the ACLU represent people who aren't even American citizens?Why would they WANT to--if they had any concept about the ramifications of stopping the President's plan.Somewhere along the line,common sense has to appear,and the kneejerk reflex of the ACLU to sue,must end.I know they exist only for this type of agenda,but the Supreme Court-or Congress- must look into what is the priority of having a United States in the year 2018 and beyond.Appeasing foreigners or our citizens?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
So why aren't all these gallant heroic men in the caravan protecting the women from sexual assault? Or are they the ones committing it? There have been reports of ongoing sexual harassment and violence against women in the caravan but here the implication is that it's "cartels". I'm not buying it, undoubtedly it's the caravan members, they very ones the open border loons want in this country.