Friday, November 09, 2018

Someone Found an Old Video of “Obama” Kicking Someone Out of the White House, for Acting Like a Horse’s Acosta

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Terrence K. Williams‏Verified account @w_terrence 15h15 hours ago

Obama kicked someone out the White House for being rude like Jim Acosta but Trump was wrong ? Somebody Retweet or Tag a Democrat and ask them where was the outrage when this happened

N.S.: Actually, Trump didn't kick Acosta out until AFTER the press conference. so, trump was gentler than #Obama. You know what this means? It means we're both Russian bots! Just ask any communist.

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Anonymous said...

I've read enough ZH to know that most of the commenters posting,thought Obama's sexual orientation was not straight.I had no opinion,mostly because he had a couple kids to counter any circumstantial evidence of homosexuality.
Today,Michelle Obama was on NNN,promoting her new book,when Lesta highlighted the fact that the Obamas conceived their kids by in vitro--not actual sex.
The prosecution rests.
--GR Anonymous