Friday, July 07, 2017

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome, in Loganville, Georgia: Illegal Alien Murdered Her Boyfriend and Four of Their Children; Fifth Child Has been Stabilized


Undated photo of Martin Romero, 33 (who looks about ten years older than that); Isabela Martinez, 10; Dacota Romero, 7; Dillan Romero, 4; and Axel Romero, 2. Isabel Martinez has been charged with murdering all five.

By Nicholas Stix

My colleague, Brenda Walker, has often written of many immigrants’ inability to cope psychologically with life abroad. Note that mass murderer Isabel Martinez, 33, appears to have never learned English, nor to have married the father of her five children.

As for prosecution, forget it. This one is either mad as a hatter, or an Oscar-worthy actress. However, the public will have to monitor the authorities, to prevent her from ever being released. “She’s fine, as long as she takes her meds.”


Mommie Dearest: Mass-Murdering illegal alien, Isabel Martinez, 33, in court earlier today

Anonymous said...

Friday, July 7, 2017 at 1:21:00 P.M. EDT

It's rapidly developing into another “illegal alien” murder spree - this time the adult female was the one doing the killing.

Didn't say “wife” - these people are rarely married, despite all this “Christian Immigrant Values” BS - but was ID'd as the “biological mother” of the children.

Latest bit of info that somehow slipped-out was that her “immigration status” was being determined, and that “ICE was involved in the investigation” astonishing given the typical MO of complete obfuscation of reality in the media.

Loganville Family Stabbing: Five Things to Know

A mass stabbing that Gwinnett County Police called "horrendous" took the lives of a father and four young children on Thursday morning.

By Doug Gross
Updated July 7, 2017 1:22 p.m. ET

Loganville Family Stabbing: Five Things To Know

LOGANVILLE, GA — Police called it "horrendous." A mass stabbing in Loganville early Thursday morning left four children and their father dead, a 9-year-old girl fighting for her life in the hospital and the family's mother in jail facing murder charges.

Here are five things to know about the Loganville stabbing deaths, which have shocked an entire community:

The Details

Authorities received a 911 call at 4:47 a.m. Thursday from a woman at a home on Emory Lane in Loganville. Police say that woman was 33-year-old Isabel Martinez, who is now in jail facing multiple murder charges and being held for federal immigration officials.

Police arrived to find a man and four children dead. Those victims are:

  • Martin Romero, 33
  • Isabela Martinez, 10
  • Dacota Romero, 7
  • Dillan Romero, 4
  • Axel Romero, 2
Isabel Martinez was detained for questioning and later arrested.

The Survivor

Nine-year-old Diana Romero also was brutally attacked in the stabbing. She was in serious but stable condition Thursday night at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, according to police. A relative said Diana has undergone surgery to repair the damage from multiple stab wounds and is expected to remain in the hospital for two or three weeks before starting physical therapy and rehab.

Mom's Behavior

Martinez made her first court appearance Friday morning and displayed what many observers are calling bizarre behavior. Video from WSB-TV shows her in a jailhouse jumpsuit, smiling broadly and repeatedly giving a two-handed "thumbs up" sign to news cameras.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Father was probably crossing the border at 26 and claimed to be 16, these invaders know how liberal Americans fall to their knees in worship when illegal aliens claim to be under 18 yrs. old. Just last year a 30 yr. old S. Sudanese man was arrested for posing as a high school student, he is claiming he didn't know his actual age because his mother would never tell him.

He's asking for authorities to just send him back to Sudan, though that's undoubtedly because he's facing criminal charges. Check out his explanation of how he came to the US, apparently a "coach" named "coach Stein" was in Sudan and was involved in facilitating his migration to Canada. What was this coach doing over there? Recruiting adult male negroes to play basketball for his high school? At any point did it dawn on this coach "Stein" character this "boy" who was clearly a fully developed adult man might not actually be underage? Was he that desperate for basketball wins? Is he going to face any charges for assisting in this fraud? What about the people around him? Look at his photos, he looks like an adult man, not to mention he was 6' 9" and wore size 16 shoes. Nobody questioned him? Is that how deeply indoctrinated we are about these illegal invaders that we can't question them no matter how obviously something is not right?

As far as I'm concerned they can just send him back and drop all the charges, this kind of fraud isn't going to get much jail time anyways and he'll just be back on the streets pretty soon anyways, if he goes back to Sudan with no chance of reapplication for citizenship then the West will be rid of his presence permanently.

Imagine what it's like in Europe right now with millions of adult male refugees pouring over the borders, most of whom claim to be "children":

Excerpts from the article:

*Recently, a survey in Denmark showed that 72% of asylum-seeker "children" were actually adults. The fact that Denmark carries out these controls could explain why only 818 children sought asylum there last year, compared to Sweden's 7,049. Finland and Norway also conduct age tests, and estimate that 66% of those tested are over 18.

Wager quoted Anders Thomas, who worked for the Immigration Service for eight years:

"It was a bizarre experience, to sit there and investigate '16-year-olds' who were obviously closer to my age. Back then, you had the option to do age verification; that is not the case today, when pretty much all the people who claim to be children are let in. What happens when these grown men start high school along with real 16-17-year-olds?"

In 2013, Wager wrote on her blog that as many as 86% of those who come to Sweden claiming to be children may be adults. That year, 134 asylum-seeking children were age tested -- and 116 turned out to be over 18. The other 1072 "children" were never tested.

It's interesting how Anders Thomas wrote about not being able to perform age verification now. Why not? It isn't explained but I'm going to speculate that it would slow the process of mass migration in a way that is intolerable to diversity promoting organizations like the EU. Doesn't matter that you have 6 ft. tall men who can grow full beards and look like they could be 30 claiming to be "children", after all maybe they just have a pituitary thing going on, usher them in and give them access to your underage daughters, that's "diversity" ideology for you folks.

Anonymous said...

It appears that she was not so crazy as to kill herself after killing her five children and her live in male friend. How did an insane person get into the US?

Anonymous said...

How do you misplace over a decade? It said in the article his father was some kind of educated professional so this guy couldn't have been completely ignorant. Even if you aren't well educated you know when you're not a kid anymore. These immigrants, liars and frauds all of them.