Sunday, July 23, 2017

Susan Hayward, Bill Williams, and “enough suspects to fill a baseball team”: Watch This Morning’s TCM Film Noir (10 a.m.!) Hosted by Eddie Muller, Deadline at Dawn



By David in TN
Friday, July 21, 2017 at 3:34:00 P.M. EDT


The TCM Film Noir for Sunday, July 23, is Deadline at Dawn (1946), showing at 10 a.m. ET. This is a murder mystery on the dark streets of New York (filmed on studio back lots).


Bill Williams plays a sailor who thinks he may have killed a woman while drunk. In a typical role for her, Susan Hayward plays a taxi dancer who helps him. In a standard noir trope, Williams is an amnesiac veteran.


Our host Eddie Muller says this film has enough suspects to fill a baseball team. Just a few are the dead woman's gangster brother (Joseph Calleia); a philosophical cab driver (Paul Lukas); her blind ex-husband (Marvin Miller); and a young wife (Osa Massen).


This one is a favorite of mine, though not too realistic.





David In TN said...

This Sunday's Film Noir is Born to Kill (1947). It runs at 10 am ET, Sunday, July 30.

This film is Lawrene Tierney's ultimate Bad Guy portrayal. He's the most violent unhinged psycho ever in film noir. Claire Trevor is the female lead attracted to Tierney. The plot is hard to believe but it's a so-called "cult classic."

David In TN said...

The Film Noir for this Sunday, September 10, at 10 am ET on TCM is 711 Ocean Drive (1950). Edmond O'Brien stars as a bookmaker who was formerly an honest telephone company employee. He uses his technical knowledge to blackmail his bosses and get control of the operation. O'Brien also goes after the wife (Joanne Dru) of a syndicate henchman.

O'Brien is good as a nice guy who gets corrupted when he tries to "beat the house." 711 Ocean Drive is longer than the typical noir and drags in places.

The Host, Eddie Muller, has described Edmond O'Brien as an actor whose character often perspires.