Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Value of Anthony Scaramucci


Anthony Scaramucci

By Nicholas Stix

As new, White House Chief of Communications Anthony Scaramucci’s foul-mouthed call to New Yorker operative, Ryan Lizza showed, for the whole world to see, Scaramucci is a dirtbag with delusions of grandeur.

There were four major aspects to Scaramucci’s tirade:

His insults of two men, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and presidential counselor Steve Bannon, who at the time were his official superiors;

His talk about firing a lot of people that suggested that he was the President, or second to the latter;

His deliberate choice to call an enemy of the President to unload on people who work for Trump, and one on particular, Steve Bannon, who has been one of Trump’s most loyal advisors, who played one of the greatest roles in getting Trump elected, and who sacrificed greatly, in order work for him; and

The disgusting language, notwithstanding its occasional humor.

The Chief of Communications has traditionally stood very low on the White House totem pole. The only people whom Anthony Scaramucci has the power to fire are Sara Huckabee Sanders, some secretaries, and receptionists. Yet he spoke as if he were The Man. He suffers from delusions of grandeur.

But even if Scaramucci were half as important as he fancies himself, it was despicable of him to publicly insult Priebus and Bannon the way he did, to an enemy. That he did so to DPUSA Ryan Lizza, who was at times the first operative to float the Party’s fake news of the day during the presidential campaign, was because he wanted to be quoted, word for word. Otherwise, he would have spoken that way in private, either to his few underlings, or to friendly Republican journalists, who would have eliminated the profanity.

Current Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel served as the first White House Chief of Staff to the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama.” Emanuel is a profanity machine, but he never, to my knowledge, called up his media enemies at Fox News or the weekly standard, to unload on members of the “Obama” cabinet or close aides. And when he spoke to DPUSA media operatives, they did not accurately quote him, in order to protect him and “Obama.”

Based on the above analysis, Scaramucci is a worthless slug of a man. However, he has value, in spite of himself.

Scaramucci spoke as if he were about to fire both Priebus and Bannon, and Priebus was then quickly fired.

What I took away from that was that was not only that Trump had told Scaramucci that he was going to fire Priebus, but that Trump had done in virtually the identical, profanity-laced style that Scaramucci had used with the New Yorker/DPUSA’s Ryan Lizza.

If Trump now fires Steve Bannon, as well, we will know that Anthony Scaramucci is a Trump clone, and that any time Scaramucci speaks badly of a member of the Trump White House, that that person has been slated by the boss for “death.”

There is a universal type who not only does his boss’ dirty work, but does so with a sadistic glee, while imitating his boss to those over whom he either has power, or who have no power over him. The Germans have a particularly nice phrase for this, “Radfahrer.”

A Radfahrer is a bicyclist. The drop handlebars, which became extremely popular during the 1960s, force one to bend one’s head down, like a supplicant, while one kicks down with one’s feet, as one does with all bicycles.

Anthony Scaramucci appears to be a classic Radfahrer. His value, then, will be as a reflection of his boss. If Trump soon fires Steve Bannon, we will know that from Trump’s mouth of Scaramucci’s ears—anytime Scaramucci denounces a member of the Trump Administration, that person will be next on the chopping black.

This is a disgraceful way to run the White House, which applies equally to President Trump and Scaramucci, but it is what it is.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS:Scaramucci out
At the request of his new Chief of Staff Gen.John Kelly,POTUS fires Scaramucci.
Quickest breakup since Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman's marriage(which lasted 9 days).
--GR Anonymous