Monday, July 10, 2017

Washington Post/DPUSA Operative James Hohmann: It was Probably Legal for Donald Trump Jr. to Talk to Russian Woman During Election Campaign Who’d Claimed to Have Dirt on Hillary Clinton, but It Still wasn’t O.K.

By Nicholas Stix

Hohmann was on Fox News about an hour ago, where he asserted to the host that Trump Jr’s. meeting with a Russian woman who had claimed to have dirt on Hillary “Was probably legal, but it wasn’t kosher.”

Hohmann further asserted that Donald Trump Jr. should have alerted the FBI to the woman’s approach.

As the host noted, Trump Jr. was practically “obligated” to hear the woman out, if she had something that would help his father win the election.

Beyond that, there are two things that make Hohmann’s assertions ridiculous:

1. If it was legal, it was kosher. The idea that the Trump campaign had to not only obey the law, but go above and beyond the requirements of law is dangerous nonsense that exposed Hohmann as a Trump-hater. And let’s not forget the context here: James Hohmann is asserting that the candidate going up against a ruthless career criminal, who laughs at the law, and who has the MSM, and particularly, Hohmann’s paper in her pocket, must handcuff himself; and

2. Since the FBI was also in Hillary’s pocket, alerting the Bureau would have turned Trump’s potential advantage into a disadvantage. (It turned out the woman had nothing.)

Thanks for letting us know your allegiances, Hohmann!

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