Sunday, July 23, 2017

New York Mets Threatened with Long Losing Streak, after Enduring Fourth Straight Failure-to-Lose Incident, Last Night Against the Oakland As


Oakland As' reliever Simon Castro, who claims to be 29...

By Nicholas Stix

Wilmer “There’s Crying in Baseball” Flores hit one of his beautiful line drives for a walk-off homer against Dominican As’ reliever Simon Castro, in the ninth inning. (Castro claims to be 29, but looks like he’s past 40.)

Zack Wheeler had done everything he could to lose, giving up four runs in the first inning, and a solo shot in the third of his five innings of work, leaving the Mets down 5-0. And yet, the Mets accidentally scored four runs in the sixth against previously virtually unhittable Oakland starter Sean Manaea, chasing him with an out to go.

Both teams then went from reliever to reliever, the Mets relying on a particularly dubious bunch—the unreliable Josh Smoker, Josh Edgin (that’s not a typo, I double-checked), and Hansel Robles—all of whom screwed up and got it right, for once.

(By the way, the allegedly 28-year-old Josh Smoker is another guy who looks ten years older than he lists.)

Finally, the score was 5-5, it was Castro vs. Flores, and someone had to lose.

Castro is now 0-1, and Hansel Robles, who got the win, is now 6-1.

But whereas good teams lose one game to end a winning streak, before going back to winning, the Mets, like other bad teams, go from a winning streak to an equally long losing streak. And if recent history is any indication, the Mets are about to embark on a nice, long, losing streak.


... And New York Mets reliever, Josh Smoker, who claims to be 28


Anonymous said...

The indicator of how bad the Mets are,is that the trading deadline is approaching,and no Met players(except de Grom) are coveted by the contenders trying to upgrade.
At least the White Sox managed to get rid of Todd Frazier(Aka,Adam Dunn Jr)to the unwitting Yankees.Yankees scouting team should be fired for this trade alone.Frazier may have the slowest bat in baseball.These huge HR hitters from the NL never perform well coming to the White Sox it seems.
--GR Anonymous

David In TN said...

The Mets started on their losing streak today (Sunday) by losing to Oakland 3-2.