Sunday, July 09, 2017

‘Burn this bitch down!’ The Usual Suspect is in Custody After Allegedly Seeking to Burn over 50 Cincinnati Cops Alive Inside Headquarters


Martay Simpson mug shot from Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, where Cincy is found

By Reader-Researcher RC

N.S.: That’s two cases of attempted mass murder just hours apart, in the Queen City.

Man charged with setting fire to Cincinnati Police District 1 headquarters
Sunday, July 9th 2017, 8:29 a.m. EDT
Updated: Sunday, July 9th 2017, 10:48 a.m. EDT
By Jennifer Baker, Digital Content Producer

A Westwood man is accused of setting fire to Cincinnati Police District 1 headquarters.

Martay Simpson, 26, lit a can of gasoline on fire and placed it against the rear of District 1 on Ezzard Charles Drive, causing the building to catch on fire Saturday, Hamilton County court records state.

At the time, the building was occupied by more than 50 police officers, sergeants, captains and a lieutenant colonel (assistant police chief), fire investigators wrote in a criminal complaint.

No injuries were reported.

Simpson is held without bond at the Hamilton County jail on two counts of aggravated arson and one count of vandalism.

[What about 50-odd counts of attempted murder?]

He is scheduled to face a judge Monday morning.

"I am afraid that this attack on police was generated in part by those who benefit from perpetuating the division between police and the communities they serve," said Sgt. Dan Hils, president of the union that represents Cincinnati police.

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Anonymous said...

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"Hi,I'm Casey Kasem counting down the Killboard (not Billboard)top 40 list for the weekend of July 9th,2017.
Cincy has moved up,based on a continuous string of multiple shootings/murders in the last few weeks.
At number 2,is Baltimore--and holding strong.But they just don't have enough black insanity to knock out the Windy City for the #1 worst city on the Killboard top 40.
And now we're going to play,"The Night Chicago Died"--in honor of being the best of the worst cities to live.And remember,if you live in these cities,keep your feet on the ground,and keep reaching for your gun--you just might need to use it on a black thug.Goodnight everyone."