Sunday, July 30, 2017

Pope Francis Abolishes Hell

By Nicholas Stix

At Blithe Spirit, the blog of my Catholic (former Jesuit) Oak Park, IL writer friend, Jim Bowman.


Anonymous said...

Even the Pope can't get rid of the south side of Chicago THAT easily--unless a papal navy is being readied to transport the ghetto dwellers back to Africa.Same goes for Philadelphia,Cincy,Detroit,St.Louis et al.--and certain sections of Grand Rapids.
--GR Anonymous

jeigheff said...

The pope is a false teacher.

Anonymous said...

This Mr Magoo pope needs to retire.He is a left wing sabatouer.As a practicing Catholic,I am most troubled by this man.Thanks for mentioning the Blithe Spirit blog.I never heard of it before,but found it interesting.