Friday, July 21, 2017

Bad and Good News Out of the Show Me State: The Countenance Blogmeister was Hit and Almost Killed by a Driver Who was Texting

By Nicholas Stix

He was unconscious for over 24 hours, but he’s woken up. He can’t speak yet, but he is able to respond to speech by blinking. His Puggg, who is an LEO, investigated the matter, which is why I can say that the perp was texting while driving, and that Missouri law is really weak on such matters.

I know that some of you are God-fearing men, while some of you aren’t (and I am surely not religious), but I am imploring all of you to pray along with me for the Countenance Blogmeister’s survival and recovery.

I thank those friends and readers who have contacted me in this regard.

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jeigheff said...

I will pray for Countenance too.