Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Masseuse Who Killed Customer with Bootleg Butt Job, Gets Bargain Basement Prison Stretch



By Reader-Researcher RC

Suarez passed away after receiving a buttocks enhancement from González on Feb. 12, 2014, at Areli’s Beauty Salon at 2113 Pacific Ave.

Long Beach Masseuse Gets 3 Years For Procedure That Killed Client

The masseuse illegally performed several different cosmetic procedures at her salon, prosecutors said.

N.S. Is the vic Darwin Award material?


Anonymous said...

A contender for

Anonymous said...

What is the immigration status of the two? They do those procedures in the old country without question, don't they?

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Quentin Tarantino has decided to expand his artistic horizons and bless the public with yet another "white guilt" movie:
Yes, yet ANOTHER movie about Charles Manson, the infamous "white" (don't forget that part, it's the most important), cult serial killer, though he really wasn't a serial killer and didn't actually kill anybody himself. Hey, wasn't there just a cable series starring David Duchovny based on Charles Manson? What more could you possibly add to the Manson story? What's next for you Tarantino? How about yet ANOTHER movie about (white man) Ted Bundy? You can add it to the already crowded field of Bundy movies and prove that you can make an even better movie about a white serial killer than all those other slobs. Why not really be daring and make a movie about Lonnie Franklin jr., a black serial killer who murdered 3 times as many women as Ted Bundy and over twice as many as Gary Ridgeway? Or for cult killers how about the Zebra killings, the planned racist murders of whites by blacks? I wonder what would happen if you asked Tarantino who they all were? I bet he wouldn't even know they existed.

Tarantino is one of the most virulent anti white racists, even though he's white himself, in Hollywood, all he makes now is white guilt movies and is actively promoting black victim fetish syndrome with no letup in sight. Part of his problem is he is an overrated hack so has to pander to black racism and white guilt in order to cultivate critical acclaim.

Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Bastards - All overrated garbage. His pacing is leaden, his dialogue is idiotic and unrealistic, yet critics still love him (most of them anyways, there are a few honest ones).
The Kill Bill series was reasonably entertaining but that was one of the few times he just made a non political unpretentious action movie. Django Unchained was pure unadultered white guilt revisionist history and it stunk.
I still remember those two PC twits Siskel & Ebert falling all over each other praising Tarantino, the same way they did for Spike Lee, another racist mediocrity but is still lauded by PC critics who are afraid they might seem racist if they don't love his movies. I haven't seen Hateful Eight yet but won't watch his films until I can get them free, I can't bring myself to put money in his pocket.

top_cat_james said...

Helpful hint: "tuck and roll" should only be applied to upholstery.