Monday, July 10, 2017

Lost Glory: Insane, Former Star Quarterback, 46, Murdered in Deserted Parking Lot of Closed Fast Food Restaurant in No-Go Zone


Eric Wardell Hunter in happier times, playing quarterback for Purdue during the early 1990s

A colleague writes: “That's just across the bay from Norfolk. Once you get onto the interstate going north here, you really don't want to exit until you get to Williamsburg. Hampton and Newport News are basically no-go zones.”



(Family photo)

Eric Wardell Hunter, presumably during his forties. He started losing his mind in college at Purdue, which surely cost him being drafted by any NFL teams. His family then reversed the causality, such that not being drafted caused him to lose his mind. My guess is that he became a drug addict--drug abuse and insanity are great go-togethers--and was murdered by as drug dealer.


Anonymous said...

Watching the Home Run Hitting Contest,did anyone else think the pregame "entertainment"--Pitbull--is an identical twin of Paul Shaffer?(even though Shaffer is 30 years older).

Nicholas said...

I have the TV off, and am just enjoying an undefeated day for the Mets.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the,this guy Judge-for the Ya**ees--looks like the next Babe Ruth.Effortless swings for 500 ft home runs.He won the contest easily.He's 6'7 and 280 lbs.Incredible potential and power to all fields.