Monday, July 03, 2017

Highly Credentialed NYU Graduate Defends Racist Murderer, “Dr.” Henry Bello

[Re: “Breaking News: Black M.D., Dr. Henry Bello, Former Employee Commits Mass Shooting in Bronx Hospital, Shooting 7, Killing 1; Killer Has been Killed.”]

By Anonymous, Semi-Literate Coward
Friday, June 30, 2017 at 10:24:00 P.M. EDT

You are an ass to talk about affirmative action how dare you he was an international doctor they are usually brilliant. Like the doctor that opened up the concussion debate, he wasn't affirmative action he was simply brilliant. He knew that football caused concussions and brain damage before any of his White doctor counterparts knew so, please. I am a speech/language therapist who holds a Masters from New York University affimative action had nothing to do with my degrees.

N.S.: First of all, you need to learn English.

Second of all, there is no evidence whatsoever that foreign doctors “are usually brilliant.” You came up with one, lousy example.

Thirdly, since you brought up AA in your personal case, if you in fact have a Masters from New York University, you are clearly an affirmative action baby.

You are a moron, who:

Is borderline illiterate;

Does not understand sentence boundaries;

Does not know how to make a logical argument; and

Is dishonest.

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Anonymous said...

"There are overwhelmingly white and/or Asian neighborhoods, in which nobody shoots anyone to death for a year or years at a time."

Exactly. The safest place to live in the USA is an area where the population is predominantly Japanese-American. And when a murder does occur in a whitey/Asian area, it is most likely the crime was committed by an outsider, often a minority.