Thursday, November 01, 2018

Tucker Carlson with Straight Talk about the Central American Invasion

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Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I don't believe that 70% figure, I think the ratio is more like 90% young men, somebody is massaging the stats somehow but at least the skewed gender ratio is being pointed out, usually even conservatives like Carlson ignore that aspect of immigration.

That being said, I think these caravans are one of the best things to be happening for current elections, caravans are a miniscule percentage of the people attempting, or succeeding to invade our country. Our porous border is being penetrated regularly by thousands of 3rd world invaders regularly but that is an invisible assault, we don't see those people the way we see these caravan groups, they are shadows slipping across the border that don't make an impression on our consciousness, this allows the ones in denial to pretend it isn't happening, these caravans generate publicity and can't be ignored.

I've noticed amongst family and friends that usually are liberal and lean toward immigrant rights that even they are a little uneasy about these large caravans and the entitled attitude of it's members. Plus the enormous gender disproportion is impossible to deny, all I have to do is bring up pictures or video of these caravans as a whole and ask them to point out any women and children they see. It's like Where's Waldo, there are a few here and there but you really have to look. Usually they just flat out deny it's true but when you have inarguable visual evidence it's a lot tougher to be in denial.

Bottom line is I think these caravans are having the opposite effect their architects intended, they're trying to generate sympathy among the US public but it's actually turning public opinion away from the open borders fanatics and their agenda. Got my fingers crossed that this is going to reflect in coming elections.

Anonymous said...

Last time I'll be redundant.The 20 million Mexican "horses" are out of the barn already.It's comparable to a white woman being raped and beaten by a crazed black and then while she's laying there,another black walks by and plucks one of her eyebrows.The damage was done previously and this is just rubbing it in.Start a process of rounding up the illegals we already have in this country and I'll worry about this particular group of criminals coming in to blend with the other criminals.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

"I don't believe that 70% figure, I think the ratio is more like 90% young men"

All young bucks of military age too.