Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Migrant "Families"? What Migrant "Families"? DHS Reports 110 Percent Surge in Illegal Men Using Kids to Enter US; "Rampant Fraud"

By "W"
Wed, Nov 28, 2018 1:28 p.m.

DHS: 110 percent surge in migrant men using kids to enter US, "rampant fraud"



Anonymous said...

I don't know if the commercials I see in my area are the same ones running around the country,but in their ads here,two banks are pushing the least likely interracial pairing out there--in their ads--white guy/black woman.
Fifth Third bank is currently showing this one frequently,a balding white guy with a black chick holding hands,walking around a Fifth/Third bank.
Earlier in the year,Chase had the same setup,as the mixed couple were trying for a loan.
Why are the banks making commercials with this scenario--when the percentage of that particular combination are less than 3% of the population?Pushing a social agenda?
"C'mon,white guys,grab a black chick and come to our bank.There are plenty of them out there,since blackie is taking all of your white women.
Is that the suggestion?
It makes no sense,marketing wise,that's for sure.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Black women almost always come with baggage from banging the hit it and quit it brothas, so unless you're a white guy willing to raise and spend your hard earned cash taking care of stupidicous's little wonders it's usually not much of an option for a white guy. Yeah, I've been seeing those commercials featuring white guys and black women, not sure what the game is there, maybe it's trying to convince white men that black women are attractive, which some certainly are but in general, their level of attractiveness compared to white and asian women is much lower. No amount of propaganda is going to convince me that morbidly obese Shaniquas, kinky & wiry, instead of soft hair on a woman, or small breasts and hyper muscular frames are attractive. Not even to mention the abrasive, aggressive and confrontational personalities. Sorry, I've done some in the past and might still in the future IF I want to, not because somebody says I should.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Not sure that white male/black female couplings are the least likely, I think that would be asian male/black female. It also seems to depend a lot on where you live. In Portland it is true, you see very few white men and black women together, however, you can't walk down the street without seeing black men with white women. I've often said called Portland the top interracial dating scene in the country, for black men and white women that is. I believe it's due to a couple of factors, first there are a lot of heavyset women in Portland, all very bitter toward white men, it's a city that rains a lot and there are no beaches, women who move here are usually the kind that don't want to feel pressure to look good in a bathing suit, also a lot of women are alternative types with green hair and liberal politics, to them fucking a black guy is a political statement and sticking it to the white boys. Also, it's reputation as a "white city" gets around and a lot of black men target Portland to move to because they think the white women are here and they can get them easily. There's some truth to that.
I was astounded when I visited the East Coast, New York and the Boston area, I saw lots of white men with black women there, in fact, last time I visited NY, I saw more white guys walking around with black women than vice versa, which is really weird because it's so rare here in Portland. I suspect there are simply a lot more black women available in NY or on the East Coast in general, there really aren't many here in Portland, the black "community" is dominated by young black men, they swarm the nightclubs looking for white women, in the days when I did that thing there were plenty of nights where half the dudes in a typical nightclub were black, and you wouldn't see even one black woman. There were also a lot of male black muslim types beginning to appear, I still see large groups of them standing around outside of clubs if I happen to be driving around, there are never any muslim looking women out and about like that. One of the reasons I stopped going. That along with raising a family.

Anonymous said...

Persons seeking asylum. Sure. Grown men all carry little children around with them. And make them cry on demand for the camera too. Sure.

Anonymous said...

I saw one time some sort of strange statistic about mixed couples. White women with black men about 400 X the other way around. Wonder why that is? You would think negresses would prefer white men for the earning potential of the white man.

Something like too 92 % [??] of children born of a union between a negro man and a white woman born out of wedlock!!