Saturday, November 03, 2018

Maxine Waters: Prepare for Black Rule, if the Democrats Take Back the House in November! (Video)

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Anonymous said...

A white person voting for a black/Democratic candidate is like a turkey voting for Thanksgiving.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

On another note,if anyone remembers black comic Byron Allen,in spite of a lack of success for most of his career,he managed to build up some money and with other investors,headed up a purchase of "The Weather Channel".That he owns it is becoming obvious lately,as the last few weekends have had nothing but black hosts jivin' 'bout da wedder.
The weekdays are mostly veteran white meteorologists yet(I rarely watch it then),but the Saturday,Sunday period has seemingly "gone black".
The black influence is never subtle.Lebron James got into the game show business with NBC's prime time offering,"The Wall",a larger version of "The Price is Right's" plinko game.It had a white host(Chris Hardwick) yes,but 80% of the contestants were black.
As with ABC's black exec Channing Dungey flooding their schedule with black oriented shows,Allen is adding blacks to the "Weather Channel".
--GR Anonymous