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Jury Nullification in Queens War Crimes Tribunal: Chanel Lewis Made a Videotaped Confession to Having Raped and Strangled Karina Vetrano; His DNA was All over the Place (on Her Neck, Under Her Fingernails, and on Her Cellphone); and Lewis Searched on His Cellphone under the Vic’s Name and “penance”; Result: Mistrial


War crime victim Karina Vetrano and suspected war criminal, Chanel Lewis 

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Technological wizardry is no match for evil. Videotaped confessions are no match for evil.

Increasingly, we are seeing O.J. Simpson type jurors refusing to vote to convict blacks in open-and-shit murder cases.

Mistrial declared in case of slain Queens jogger Karina Vetrano
By Priscilla DeGregory, Ben Feuerherd and Natalie Musumeci
November 20, 2018 | 9:58p.m. | Updated
New York Post

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Cellphone of jogger's accused killer showed searches on victim, “penance”

Jurors watch Karina Vetrano's alleged killer's chilling confession

The trial of a Brooklyn man charged with sexually assaulting and killing Queens jogger Karina Vetrano two years ago ended in a hung jury Tuesday evening — ¬after just over a day and a half of deliberations.

Chanel Lewis, 22, of East New York, was accused of attacking Vetrano near her Howard Beach home and dumping her body in weeds near a jogging path in August 2016.

In a note to Judge Michael Aloise in Queens Supreme Court, the jury wrote: “After deliberating for the entire day we are split. It doesn’t seem like we can make progress. We feel that we have exhausted all of our options.”

There had been a total of only 13 hours of deliberation over two days — after a court case in which the panel had been presented DNA evidence linking Lewis to the crime scene and a recording of Lewis confessing.

Because of the impasse, Lewis’ attorney moved for a mistrial and, unexpectedly, Aloise granted it.

The move shocked the courtroom, with one Vetrano relative exclaiming: “Oh my God!”

Aloise explained his move: “I’m inclined to agree [with the defense motion] even though it’s only been a day and a half. There were extensive deliberations. They covered issues central to the debate.” He then wished jurors a happy holiday and dismissed them.

Philip and Cathie Vetrano leave the courtroom after the mistrial was announced

The Legal Aid Society, which represented Lewis, said in a statement that the hung jury proves its client may be innocent: “As we have said since day one, this case is far from conclusive and the jury’s deadlock proves this.”

The seven-woman, five-man jury deliberated for one hour Monday afternoon and then 12 on Tuesday before declaring themselves deadlocked a little before 9:30 p.m.

No juror would stop to talk to the media, other than one responding “yes” when asked if it had been a tough day.

Vetrano’s parents, Catherine and Phil, left the courthouse about an hour later without commenting.

Prosecutors said Tuesday night they will retry Lewis. He’s expected back in court on Jan. 22 and will be continue to be ¬remanded.

“He’s just exhausted,” said his Legal Aid attorney, Robert Moeller. “I don’t even know if he realizes what it means at this point. He’s tired.”

During the two-week trial, jurors heard in graphic detail how the young woman was beaten, strangled and sexually abused allegedly at the hands of Lewis when she went out for a run near the family’s home. Prosecutors described him as a violent loner and outcast who purposefully attacked Vetrano.

They played a videotaped confession by Lewis and said his DNA was found on the neck of the 30-year-old victim, under her fingernails and on her cellphone.

Lewis’ team argued that he made a false confession after a tough police interrogation.

In the confession, he claimed he got angry at Vetrano when she tried to fight him off in the remote green space, and he admitting repeatedly punching her and dragging her into the tall grass near the jogging path.

There, “I finished her off,” Lewis told cops, according to the recording. Vetrano died of strangulation, the city’s Medical Examiner’s Office ruled.

Cellphone of jogger's accused killer showed searches on victim, 'penance'A cellphone belonging to the accused killer of Queens jogger...

“I was beating her and was mad at her,” Lewis said.

Lewis is “the man whose hands were wrapped around her neck, squeezing her neck, squeezing her throat, choking the life out of her body,” Assistant District Attorney Brad Leventhal said in his closing statement.

Vetrano’s battered body was found face-down among the weeds by her retired-firefighter father.

“I let out this sound that I never made before or since,” Phil Vetrano testified during the trial. “It was a wail. I screamed, ‘My baby! My baby!’”

The dad — who had regularly jogged with Vetrano but was sidelined that day because of back pain — recounted to jurors how he worried that it wasn’t safe for his daughter to run alone in the desolate area.

“‘Don’t worry, Daddy. I’ll be OK,’ ” his daughter told him, Philip Vetrano recalled.

Defense attorney Moeller argued in his closing that Phil Vetrano tainted the crime scene when he arrived there an cradled his daughter’s body after discovering her. “At that point, the crime scene became corrupt,” he said.

Moeller also said prosecutors rushed to charge Lewis — and got a false confession out of him.

“Eventually, he broke down. He knew what they wanted to hear, and that’s what he did,” Moeller said of Lewis during the trial. “He told them what they wanted to hear.”


Anonymous said...

All I can think of,when I read stories like this,is there must be an extremely large number of depraved individuals (mostly minority)that are just waiting for the opportunity to kill.This girl took a chance and ran without her father FOR ONE DAY--and paid the price.
You cannot assume safety in certain areas.Running by yourself--when a white female--attracts sociopathics like blood attracts sharks.
You cannot assume safety anymore.
Condolences to the family.
--GR Anonymous--I'm a white man

Anonymous said...

"He then wished jurors a happy holiday and dismissed them."



Sorry for all the capital letters but it was a must.

Anonymous said...

I was sickened to read the article. I can't imagine what her parents are going through. Blacks on the street claim Channel didn't do it. Because they got a black crystal ball and they want to and plan to harm whites with out being held responsible.

The little scum was sent to a school in Rockaway Beach instead of to a secure juvenile facility or locked mental hospital. Lewis isn't so little anymore. He was arrested in the area previously and then was going around looking in people's houses. That's why he was picked up by the cops.

The City Dept of Education know he is a very disturbed person - autistic on the schizophrenic spectrum. I would love to know the racial make up of the jury - one or two loud threatening black women probably shut it down. All the jurors wanted to not be sequestered over the holiday long weekend.

The only silver lining is that Lewis stays in prison until the retrial in January. Legal Aid, paid by our tax dollars, wants to put a killer out in the street. I don't doubt he has other victims. He's got plenty of enablers from what the jury did.

I agree with the poster who said you can't assume safety - I never do.
Blacks are ruining Rockaway and the rest of NYC - they are being shipped/bused into Rockaway at an overwhelming rate. Why are there so many black teenagers trooping to the grade and high schools on Beach Channel Drive? What's wrong with the high school in Far Rockaway.

Anonymous said...

Publish the photos of the jurors - I want to see their faces.

Anonymous said...

put a bullet in his head first then try him.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the press is pairing last year's photo of Lewis, next to his victim who looks much older?

In that dumb striped shirt with the bullet proof vest underneath (!!!) Lewis does look younger compared to current photos of him in the courtroom last week. Just like with Treyvon- the propaganda machine published his grade school photos instead of his current photo. They would not allow his behavior at school to be admitted into evidence - Martin was suspended for stealing and threatening other students, I believe.

Same thing with Lewis. He was put into a school for head cases in Rockaway Beach instead of into what was called a reform school. Lewis belonged in a mental hospital on a locked ward for the public's safety.

This is a rapist/murderer.

Yet blacks consider him a saint based on his race.

Anonymous said...

Vetrano sounds Italian. Remember in the Godfather movie, the girl's father went to the Godfather to get justice for his little girl?

Anonymous said...

Great observation by anonymous 5:43pm.Obviously trying to fool whites--the blacks already know the score.Many whites need some education in "Media Fraud".Not you or I,and hopefully no one who reads NSU,but others do.


If I were the father, I would track down that murder monkey's family and exterminate them.