Saturday, November 03, 2018

In DA Larry Krasner’s Philadelphia, Blacks Have a License to Kill, Whites Have a Duty to Die


War crime victim Sean Schellenger

By A Friend

“The fatal encounter between a wealthy developer and a young food delivery man stoked the city’s racial tensions. But the real story isn’t all black and white.”

Discovered this story doing another search on the Philly Inq site - another cold-blooded murder of a white by a murderous black thug - sorry, “aspiring rapper”: Not a peep of this story anywhere else.

Subject now of their trademarked “more to the story than black and white” in-depth exposé, meant to elicit compassion for the killer, trotting out the same damned, worn-out excuses and tropes used for decades.

Crime is cut-and-dried: The thug became enraged that a white had the temerity to request that a (likely black) driver move his car out of his way.
As seen time and again now, just speaking to a black - let alone reprimanding him - can be a fatal mistake, as it was here.

Victim was stabbed in the back, the new “Progressive DA” decided the crime no longer warrants even a 3rd degree murder charge, and to the cheers and approval of his “community,” the thug was freed on bond.

Everything else in this article is irrelevant bulls--t, and can be simply summarized:

Blacks have a license to kill, whites have a duty to die.


Alleged war criminal Michael White


Anonymous said...

The look, the glance, the stare. The perceived look, glance, stare. The PARKING SPOT, the cig, the quarter, and someone DAY-ED.

Always. ALWAYS!

Anonymous said...

Bicycle delivery guy. Think they own the whole world. Get outta my way or else. And sometime as in this instance else means everything.