Sunday, November 04, 2018

Barack Obama Draws Record-Breaking Crowd at Miami Venue!

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Anonymous said...

He STILL thinks he's POTUS.And when Oprah takes over,he probably will be.

Anonymous said...

I guess the idea is that an ex-President would go to a taco shop is a news story? I am not sure. Sorta like Don like a Big Mac and lots of Diet Coke?

"Ground control to Major Tom and the newspapers want to know whose shirts you wear!'

Anonymous said...

"America's at the crossroads,"says Obama today.He's got THAT right.This is one time,that not going OVER that crossroad, is the proper move.Countries in Europe are beginning to pull back from the brink--the crossroads with immigration.
We can pull back from a suicidal path as well.I'm not sure for how long and to what extent,but a leap into Obamaland again--with Oprah or Kamala Harris as the figurehead--will send whites into the final lap toward extinction.Another 4 years of Trump may give us enough time to come up with a desperation plan to survive.
The midterms are,in my opinion, a temperature check to see how much fight whites have left in them to take back a country they began.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Fried chicken and collared greens are more his liking? Probably not. The man [Obama] is not really authentically black.