Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Shots Fired at North Dallas Hotel


Wyndham Hotel, North Dallas

By A Texas Reader

My brother and his wife own a rental house about four blocks from the hotel. The area around this hotel is seedy. Yet six blocks to the west are million dollar custom homes.

Shots fired at North Dallas hotel
July 3, 2017

Dallas SWAT is responding to a report of an active shooter at a North Dallas hotel Monday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Only today?Seedy areas usually have bullets flying on a daily basis(maybe not all of it gets reported,but it occurs more often than you think).
Police and city government would rather cover up and not talk about those "seedy areas".The less said,they feel,the better.

Truth-hammer said...

A Texan here. Many people are unaware that 100-200 thousand Katrina negroes were relocated to Dallas after the hurricane. Most in North Dallas. Twelve years later, and North Dallas is a nigger-fuxxated sh*t-hole. Hopefully, I was not too vague.