Saturday, July 08, 2017

“I am proud to belong to the white European race"; Who Said This? A Hungarian Patriot, or a Neo-Nazi?

By Reader-Researcher RC

"I am proud to belong to the white European race," Tyirityan said. He said "Third World races" trying to take over Hungary need to be confronted and sent "to the garbage dump of history."

Hungary: Far-right groups promote "ethnic self-defense"

Three small, far-right groups in Hungary say they have formed an alliance to fight the liberalism they claim has made Europe unlivable and indefensible.

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jerry pdx
I did a little more research on the 30 yr. old Sudanese who posed as a 17 yr. old in order to attend high school in Canada. To me this story illustrates the utter hypocrisy of the race agenda, this is Canada but it's no different here in the US. Jonathan Nicola, the fake Sudanese "kid", was bailed out by another Sudanese and quickly released from prison after he was caught. And it doesn't look like he is going to be deported, even after his criminal act:
It's the good ole' gentle giant routine as the local media quickly began a campaign to "soften" his image and portray him as a "nice guy", something often done for negro males, but never for white men. The articles alludes to his "suffering" in the Sudan, though doesn't supply any details, though the article doesn't mention that virtually every one of these fraudulent overage negro and muslim males have similar stories. The assumption is that he must have suffered in the Sudan, it's clear the media is helping him set up for some story spinning.

Imagine if this was a white man, do you think a disinformation campaign would be launched for his benefit? HELL NO! He would be excoriated and no excuses would be accepted. The following link is to an article that explicitly states it is OK for this 30 yr. old negro man to "hang out" with his high school "friends", after all, he acts like a teenager and like the same things they do, like rap music and movies. Oh yeah, if liking the same things teenagers do makes it OK for middle aged men to hang out with them then we might as well turn our kids to the perverts in the world right now. I mean please, even though the immigration officer and lawyer thinks it's perfectly OK, would you want your teen child to be hanging out with this immature 30 yr. old man?

Excerpt from the article:

"Karen Greenwood (immigration officer) said she still has concerns about Nicola’s credibility and his ability to acquire fraudulent documents. But she added the release plan and bonds person Frank Miller (Nicola's lawyer) brought forward satisfied her enough to approve letting Nicola out of jail.
But Miller said that doesn’t mean he can’t spend time with students from Catholic Central. He can talk to anyone he wants,” said Miller. He can do anything except what is on that order."

A 30 yr. old white man who posed as a high school student would immediately be suspected of having ulterior motives for wanting to socialize with underage kids. When the a black man does it THE RULES ARE SUSPENDED! His social immaturity is overlooked, excused and even viewed as a positive thing. We know that a white man's lawyer would be assuring the public that his client has no interest in socializing anymore with underage kids, but Nicola's lawyer has no problem stating it's OK for his adult negro male client to do so. It's a bizarro world we live in folks, It's downright surreal when I read this stuff and sometimes think it can't really be happening, but it is.