Sunday, January 03, 2016

Four Good Things About Jeb Bush’s Campaign


Jeb Bush starved himself for nothing; bet he can’t wait to go back to stuffing his face!

By Nicholas Stix

• The people showed that they would not vote for yet another loser, just because he’s named “Bush” (take note, George P.);
• The people showed that they did not consider the reconquista invasion “an act of love”;
• He revealed the limits of campaign spending without substance; and
• In his insult of Trump at the last debate, he showed that, rather than being a nice guy, he’s a nasty cuss, just like the “well-mannered” journalists who like him and hate Trump.


Glaivester said...

I think his attacks on Rubio hurt him even more than his attacks one Trump. Bush and Trump are on different sides of the nationalism/globalism debate, so Trump and Bush are enemies. Rubio is Bush's protege to a large degree, so Bush attacking Rubio as he did makes him look not just nasty, but disloyal to his friends.

Anonymous said...

His attacks are phony maneuvers by his handlers to make him look tough.We ve seen what he s like PRIOR to his personality "adjustment".Trump has not veered from the start and is more believeable.Of course Trump may have just been smart enough to pick this persona of his and go with it--win or lose.Still he seems not to have changed his basic talking points in years--from immigration to being anti-Obama.Pretty consistent compared to Bush,Cruz and Rubio.