Tuesday, January 19, 2016

GOP to White Men—Please Don’t Vote for Us, We Don’t Like You, Etc.

By Nicholas Stix

Gee, the GOP sounds just like the Democrat Party.

This is where Donald Trump comes in. As a businessman, for years he’d watched the stupidity of the “professional” politicians, and told his family and friends, “These people are so overrated.” He saw that, in their rush to express their hatred for the biggest voter bloc in the country (white men and wives of white men), they were leaving money on the table. Just like Hollywood honchos, who hate white Christians so much, that for years they lied, in asserting that there was no market for Biblical epics. Mel Gibson saw through the obvious lies, at the same time that his bankability as a leading man was fading. (Even before Gibson became known as a crazy, lovable, genocidal anti-Semite, he was looking his age.)

The Passion of the Christ grossed $370 million theatrically in America alone, and over $600 million in theaters worldwide.

What is a businessman always looking for? Untapped markets.

Michael Bloomberg offered Trump a freshly-trod path. Bloomberg watched the arrogant, incompetent “professionals” in New York City, and knew he could do a better job. The career pols treated Bloomberg like a joke, until it was too late, and the joke was on them. When he won, he referred mockingly to “Mayor Mark Green,” the professional politician, who was supposed to cruise to victory over Bloomberg. Bloomberg would have been president by now, but he was tripped up by his own racial liberalism, which kept him from completing with Obama in 2008.

GOP leaders, like their Democrat counterparts, live in a corruptocrat world, in which one gets brownie points for playing “Can You Top This?,” in coming up with the most racist, sexist insults against normal white men, even though such pandering gets them nowhere with black and Hispanic voters. They forgot that white men’s votes still count. Trump didn’t.


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