Saturday, January 30, 2016

What to Do About the Oscars?

By grunt50

I have 2 solutions.

#1 Start a Black Oscars. An all-black governing board could nominate as many individuals as they felt gave an above average performance. The top 10 nominees would get the top award, the next 50 would get a participation award.

#2 Start a new category at the regular Oscars. Call it the Oscar Whiner award. Give it to the top 10 whiners who complain about ethnic diversity.


Unknown said...

Here's a better idea.. Start having the Academy membership (who actually nominates and votes on the eventual winners) start to better reflect the way our society actually looks! Right now the membership is overwhelmingly white, overwhelmingly male and overwhelmingly older. Hence the reason you see the typical woman winning an actress Oscar is on the younger side while for the typical man winning an actor Oscar is usually more mature (relative to the younger actress's winning).

Nicholas said...

I see what you mean, like Meryl Streep winning while in her sixties, and Daniel Day-Lewis winning the first time for a role he filmed at 31, Denzel Washington (34), and Jared Leto for a role he played at 41.

Anonymous said...

That Black Oscar Show would have a shorter on-air broadcast slot than what they allow for daily lotto numbers...and not as worthwhile.