Friday, January 22, 2016

The Oscars and Racism


Charlotte Rampling: "It’s racist against whites"

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

Charlotte Rampling was in "the Verdict",a great Paul Newman movie.I was a big Newman fan and went to see this movie but had never heard of Ms Rampling.She was excellent as a backstabbing two timing spy for the other side.I m sure very few people know of her nowadays.Her nerve seemed to leave her as the current interview went on.But the one sentence,"it s racist against white people" is spot on.But George Clooney says otherwise,so who will carry more clout?WhIch leaves just have one question?Why is Clooney so stupid?

Nicholas said...

Clooney's either a Red, or so much of a sympathizer that whether he's a full-blooded communist, or just a sympathizer is a distinction without a difference.

David In TN said...

Have you seen the 1975 film "Farewell my Lovely?" Charlotte Ramplong did a Lauren Bacall knockoff as the femme fatale.

Anonymous said...

The house where the poor unfortunate unnominated Smiths live

My heart bleeds for them I tells ya for not getting nominated to have the chance to receive a prize from another multimillionaire.


Clooney inspired the Smug Alert! episode of South Park one of their best ever.