Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is MLK Day Weekend the Annual Low Point for the MSM’s “Barbra Streisand”?

By A Longtime Reader

Weekend B.S.

In USA Today, the editorial section had the most vomit-inducing piece of garbage I’ve read in a long time. January 18th—“Whites killed MLK—now we honor him.”

The Rev. Oliver Thomas is his name, and hating his own race his game. He brings up Ta-Nehisi Coates to argue how whites built this country by destroying blacks, and now we owe them—permanently. Blacks can just sit back and get repaid for our sins. He is a preacher—a preacher of anti-white rhetoric, and attempting to inflict guilt on today’s white population for slavery—a tired point of view, if there ever was one.

The Japanese were treated in World War II as badly or worse than blacks—yet in 70 years since—have surpassed blacks in every financial, educational, and social standard you could think of, through hard work and studying. They didn’t sit around and cry “racism.” They succeeded as a race, because they’re more intelligent and ambitious than blacks.

On Negro Nightly News last night, Lester Holt had a huge block of time devoted to the Academy Awards “neglecting” to nominate such films as Creed or the NWA film about rappers. Really? So any black film should be nominated just because it’s “black”? Isn’t that tokenism at its worst? No, according to Holt—it's racist and Hollywood types will be boycotting—never mind the president of the Academy is BLACK!

Just some of the B.S. I saw the last couple days.


Anonymous said...

Negro Nightly News:Lester Holt shows Jamie Foxx "saving" a VERY appreciative white guy--who is then shown blubbering all over our hero Jamie--in front of as many cameras as possible.When he previewed the story I knew what Lester Holt was up to,but only because I see his "newscast" cum problack propaganda show most days.First he had to show Michigan governor Rick Snyder looking like he tried to poison Flint(because he s a racist)and then St.Jamie shown as a good guy black.A daily dose of jive news every day.I laugh at most of it because it s so obvious.

Anonymous said...

Japanese-Americans # 1 wealthiest group in the nation. Indian-Americans # 2 and Chinese-Americans # 3. Proof there cannot possibly be any sort of racial discrimination in this nation. Those groups would not have gotten where they have if there was so much discrimination.