Sunday, January 31, 2016

UConn Announces, “Segregation Today, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!”



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Racial segregation is both illegal, in violating the 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act, and unconstitutional, in violating Brown v. Board of Education (1954). Some whites had better get together, and sue UConn for about $1,000,000,000, before some blacks do it.

UConn encourages segregation with black-only dorms
By Peter Fricke @FrickePete
Jan 30, 2016 at 10:35 P.M. EDT
Campus Reform

The community will be limited to 43 self-identifying black men.

The University of Connecticut is hoping that black males will graduate at a higher rate if they spend more time with one another, and is building a new residence hall to facilitate just that.

The ScHOLA²RS House—which stands for "Scholistic [sic] House Of Leaders who are African American Researchers and Scholars"—"is a scholastic initiative to groom, nurture, and train the next generation of leaders to address grand challenges in society through the promotion of academic success in undergraduate programs at the University of Connecticut and in competitive graduate programs," the website states.

"It is a space for African

American men to come

together and validate their

experiences that they may

have on campus."

[English translation: It's a place where racist black men can reinforce each other's paranoid delusions that they are victims of white racism, and plan and carry out race hoaxes.]

"ScHOLA²RS House is a Learning Community designed to support the scholastic efforts of male students who identify as African[-]American/Black through academic and social/emotional support, access to research opportunities, and professional development," it continues. "The intent of this Learning Community is to increase the retention and persistence of students using educational and social experiences to enhance their academic success at UConn and beyond in graduate and professional school placement."

"African American males graduate at a lower rate than their peers," Dr. Erik Hines, Faculty Director for the initiative, told Fox61, noting that African-American males graduated at a rate of only 54 percent last year, compared to 82.5 percent for the campus as a whole.

"It is a space for African American men to, one, come together, and validate their experiences that they may have on campus," he explained. "Number two, it's also a space where they can have conversation and also talk with individuals who come from the same background who share the same experience."

[The imbecile just said the same thing twice with different words!]

The specialized housing does not—quite—constitute a "segregated" residence, as it is currently optional, much like the "affinity housing" that other schools have put in place to serve as a "safe space" for minority students.

[Bull. Of course, it's segregated. Do white students get to live only with whites? Of course, not. That would be segregation!]

“I was not pleased; my immediate thought was ‘What?’” Haddiyyah Ali, a fourth-semester Africana studies and political science major, told The Daily Campus. “I know there had to be a lot of research that went into it…but just for me coming from a student perspective, my initial thought was what about black women and girls – what about us?”

[Why don't we get racially segregated housing, too?! BTW, no real research went into it; I guarantee it.]

Noting that only 43 black men will be able to enroll in the program, Ali added that "I will always contest to the fact that black men on the campus aren’t given enough resources, I will in no way dispel that fact, but my questioning isn’t if they need, but is if they need it in this way."

Isaac Bloodworth, a sixth-semester puppetry major, however, ascribed opposition to the plan as simply racist.

"The white portion of the University of Connecticut is probably not ready for it," he speculated. "You have people who are going to go against it because they are just racist and they see this as a form of segregation or that we’re getting better things than they are."

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Anonymous said...

Frankly, anything that keeps Blacks separate from others should be viewed as a positive. By them voluntarily isolating themselves, it keeps their chaotic life choices affecting only themselves. Just look at all those white women who get themselves killed because they thought it would "just be cool" to date and have Black "Baby Daddies" (I've seen them in Chicago) and to spite what they think is the white patriarchal power structure.

Whites had better start learning that Blacks hate them and the only reason Blacks have to associate with them is to obtain something material from them. See AWD's :

And all you Southerners out there had better suck it up and start booting out every single politician that supports getting rid of everything supporting the "stars and bars." The Blacks and white lefty NPR listeners fully intend to wipe you off the face of the earth.

David In TN said...

They were (loudly) demanding segregated dorms in 1968. By the way, the dorm I lived in during 1970 was "integrated." There were blacks next to my room. Blacks and whites weren't in the same rooms though.

Anonymous said...

They put the little colored kid up front holding a sign.

Today they teach the little minority kids how to give you the finger. And then laugh about it.

How evil.

Anonymous said...

This is the 'puppet master':

Nicholas said...

Deray McKesson?