Saturday, January 16, 2016

Obama and Foreign Affairs

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My general rule for explaining the actions—commissions and omissions—domestic and foreign of the John Doe calling himself “Barack Hussein Obama” is that he is obsessed with destroying the white race. However, when Dan brings up “Obama’s” work to spread homosexuality in Africa, I am given pause. Is it possible that Obama is a plague of Biblical proportions, not just on the white, but on the entire human race?

By Dan
January 15, 2016
Lion of the Blogosphere

Otis the Sweaty: “And say what you will about Obama but he has probably been the greatest foreign policy President in US history.”

Dan: Are you stupid or something? He has been one of the worst, and not just because he’s done nothing good, but he committed many own-goals that were totally unnecessary.

(1) Libya has been a total disaster and there was no reason to intervene. There was a strong man and stability and then we bombed away the power structure. It is now a completely failed state, and a base for ISIS. It has become the source of a flood of refugees to Europe.

(2) All of the Syria problem is at Obama’s feet. The endless millions flooding into Europe… ISIS, all the medieval ways to murder, the return of slavery to the world, the slaughter of Christians, the iconoclastic destruction of every building and object worth anything there…

This is all at Obama’s feet because he kept acting like the US would support rebels to knock off Assad, another strong man.

Russia emerged as the source for stability amid America’s conspicuous absence.

(3) Obama also caused ISIS by letting the Sunnis get crushed in Iraq and then pulling out completely. The disempowered Sunni power structure became the center of ISIS. Iraqis now flood into Europe.

(4) We have all this renewed tension with Russia, ostensibly because of the Ukraine, but mainly because of World War G, as Sailer calls it.

(5) Almost all of our foreign policy in Africa has consisted of us trying to shove homosexuality down their throats, because our understanding of them is apparently nil. Trust with most African nations is badly damaged over this.

(6) We have bullied Israel and emboldened the Islamists thereby.

(7) With Egypt, we encouraged the overthrow of a stable leader and then backed the terrorist Islamists before the Egyptian military realized America is insane, gave us the finger, and took their country back for civilization.

Did we do anything good? Most of our foreign policy efforts lately have been related to global warming, which is very good, because it is totally pointless. The more this administration wastes time, the better.

Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

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Anonymous said...

Another American woman has been murdered overseas. Anne Swaney was found brutally murdered in Belize. No details re a perp released yet, though Belize is a small Latin American country mostly populated by blacks. jerry pdx