Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Was U.S. Border Patrol Agent Joel Luna a Gulf Cartel Assassin? Luna and 4 Others, Including Two of His Brothers, Indicted on Capital Murder and Other Charges for Decapitation Murder


Victim Jose Francisco Palacios-Paz, aka Franklin Rodriguez Palacios Paz (Hmmm)

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Border Patrol agent, 4 others indicted in decapitation death
Wednesday, January 13 2016
Associated Press

BROWNSVILLE, Texas (AP) -- A U.S. Border Patrol agent and four other men have been indicted on capital murder and other charges in the death of a man whose decapitated body was found floating near Texas' South Padre Island.


Mug shot of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Joel Luna

Joel Luna is on indefinite leave from the Border Patrol. A Cameron County grand jury in Brownsville on Wednesday charged him and the others with capital murder, murder and two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity. He and the other four are in the Cameron County jail without bond.

Mug shots of other four indictees, including two of Agent Luna’s brothers

Jail records don't list attorneys for them.

The body of Jose Francisco Palacios-Paz was found last March. At the time of the November arrests, Cameron County Sheriff Omar Lucio said a safe at Luna's Hebbronville home contained nearly $90,000, a kilogram of cocaine and handguns.

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Anonymous said...

Why am I not surprised? The murderer of Ashley Olson, the American woman in Italy, turned out to be a "Senegalese" immigrant. No picture of the suspect seems to have been released yet but we don't really need one. This is reminiscent of the Amanda Knox case and the African immigrant murderer Rudy Guede. All this "Senegalese" has to do is claim a couple of whites were involved and he can get a 16 yr. sentence. Jerry pdx