Monday, January 18, 2016

If We Can Talk About Bill Clinton’s Sexcapades, Why Can’t We Talk About MLK’s?


“MLK's Nobel Peace Prize bonus?” Actually, MLK's Norwegian blondes—like the one the drunken MLK chased down a hotel hallway, both of them in their birthday suits—were probably prettier than these ones.

By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

It would take away from his myth as a messiah(from blacks PR point of view).Of course finding out he was chasing white women as Nat King Cole was (with Gunilla Hutton)or Sammy Davis or Quincy Jones shows that being black is repulsive in their own eyes.They can t accept their own race...hate themselves in fact.So to try and fool themselves for a while they find some stupid white women with low self esteem and no brains to make them feel like they re not black.The blacks-down deep-would not like it known King was not being faithful to his race sexually--that black women weren t good enough for him--so they try to bury it and then,when that fails,ignore it.Blacks have inferiority issues and for good reason--they re inferior,but that doesn t stop them from trying to think they re at a white persons level.For King--the best they supposedly had to offer--to favor white women for sex has got to be a slap in the collective face of blacks and black women in particular.