Thursday, January 21, 2016

Let’s Boycott Racist Awards Show! (Poster)


Anonymous said...

Exactly!! No further comment required other than to say no further comment required.

Anonymous said...

There aren t any racist awards shows--except for BET awards.From what I saw "6 years a slave"(or whatever years it was)was completely overrewarded--more out of white guilt and Obama being president.As I read somewhere in the MSM,a black actress was asked about Will Smith boycotting the Oscars she said"Grow up".Best answer I ve seen.

Anonymous said...

Lester Holt,after talking to Al Roker and Miguel Amiguer on Negro Nightly News
proudly announced a change to the Academy Awards on Friday due to "massive public outrage".Turned out to be a minor change related to who gets to stay as a voting member.Holt also tried to make some farfetched connection of Donald Trump to a tweet by someone with a White Power anti Jewish name tag.Holt should really be fired.Soon we ll be seeing him with a Black Lives Matter monogram on his lapel.Try to be objective Lesster.