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New York City TV Channel WPIX11 (and the New York Post?!): We Heart Vicious, Black Hate Crime Attackers! After Yet Another Raceless Black Man Slashes a Woman’s Face (in Lower Manhattan), Station Protects and Supports Vicious Criminal, by Refusing to Report on His Description, While “Reporter” Asserts that the Victim Forgives Her Assailant

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Apparently, the attacker was black, which was why WPIX11 refused to give a description, thus imperiling countless other potential victims, and making it much harder to catch the perp. Since the victim was a very light-skinned Hispanic woman, he may have mistaken her for a white woman. WPIX11 personnel are clearly members of the Society for the Protection of Racist, Colored Criminals.

This was at least the fourth recent incident of a “raceless” black man (apparently different ones in each case) slashing the face of a white or light-skinned Hispanic (one white woman, one white man, and one light-skinned, Hispanic woman), it looks like we have a new black crime fashion for the MSM to cover up, and/or lie about.

In another report, black WPIX11 host Kori Chambers opens, “It’s a crime that’s so frightening because it can happen to anyone, at any time, and it seems like it’s happening … more often.”

In mid-December, a 16-year-old exchange students [sic] walking to school in Queens was slashed by a stranger with no warning.

A month later, a 30-year-old man walking in East Village was slashed in the face – again, with no warning.

Then on Monday [January 25], a 71-year-old woman was slashed in the face as she was waiting for a D train in lower Manhattan.
The report conveniently forgot the first widely reported such attack, “near the corner of Seventh Avenue and West 24th Street,” in lower Manhattan, on January 6.

While one of the black attackers slashed a 30-year-old black man, the rest of the black attackers targeted people who were white, or could pass for white. And an attacker could sneak up behind someone in Greenwich Village, where most people are white, and assume he was white, until it’s too late.

The January 6 hate crime attack

In that case, the dispatch by New York Post alleged reporter, Daniel Prendergast, gave a vivid description of the assailant’s clothing: “a red NBA jacket,” but refused to give the police description of the racist attacker.

Although WPIX11 alleged reporter Nicole Johnson asserts that the victim “forgives the razor-wielding young man, and urges him to turn himself in,” she does not quote her as saying that, and nowhere in her video report does the victim, who speaks fluent English, say that. Am I suggesting that Johnson lied? Why not? The 71-year-old victim forgiving her vicious attacker would have been the most dramatic portion of the interview. Why on earth would the editor at WPIX11 cut it from the tape? Since MSM “reporters” and “editors” lie all the time, there is no reason to give Johnson or “PIX” the benefit of the doubt.

I initially copied and pasted the coding for the interview, but it’s an URL that autoplays and plays and plays, so I cut it. But I recommend that readers hit the link to the article, in order to check it out.

Slashing victim, 71, says she forgives attacker and urges him to turn himself in
By Nicole Johnson
January 26, 2016, 6:03 P.M.
Updated on January 26, 2016, at 6:06 p.m.

NEW YORK – Police are looking for another slashing suspect who attacked a 71-year-old woman in Manhattan on Monday.

Police say the victim was sitting on the southbound D train approaching the Broadway-Lafayette Street station when an unknown man got out of his seat and slashed her face.

"I was sitting down and he pretended he fell and slashed my face," said the woman who identified herself only as Carmen.

She has a four-inch gash on her left check.

A day after the attack Carmen went back to work as a seamstress in the Garment District. She's not concerned about running into the same guy twice, saying, "He's not there today, he's not stupid."

[Of course, he’s stupid!]

Carmen also said that she forgives the razor-wielding young man, and urges him to turn himself in.

Police release surveillance video of the suspect and they need your help call Crimestoppers at (800) 577-TIPS if you have information on his whereabouts.

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Chicago guy said...

What's really going on here? It's been described as 'random' attacks by unconnected people which seems hard to believe. The perps are all black so do they all belong to some group, is it an initiation of some sort, are they under the influence of some black radical group, what?