Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Hate Crime in Manhattan: Black Man Sneaks Up on, and Slashes Face of Unarmed White Woman in Broad Daylight; New York Post Refuses to Give Proper Description of Racist Attacker, or Permit Reader Comments


“The slashing was caught on video. Photo: William Farrington” [N.S.: Note that it is due to racist, black criminals that businesses all over America have for years had closed-circuit TV systems filming inside and outside, 24/7. It is likewise, thanks to racist, black criminals that thousands of businesses have to cover their windows with ugly steel grates when they are closed, and thousands of businesses, agencies, and apartment buildings employ hundreds of thousands of security guards, a large percentage of them black.]

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to reader-researcher Mike Malfi for this article.

A video of the attack is at the linked article.

How many times over the years have I read of a white urban crime victim who was obliviously walking the streets, in the subway, or even riding a bicycle, while listening to music or talking on a cellphone, and who was surprised by one or more black devils, who robbed, maimed, and/or murdered him?

In December 1999, a black female of about 20 committed a hate crime attack on me probably less than 200 yards from this one.

It was at the 23rd Street station stop on the Seventh Avenue line. I, too, was headed to work, just before 9 a.m. We were both walking up the steps from the subway, when out of nowhere, she punched me in the arm. When I wagged my finger at her, she cursed me out, and then spat all over me. (Why didn’t I immediately do more? I’d already been arrested, in 1988, for defending myself against a racist, black female colleague at work, who had repeatedly attacked me, usually in front of witnesses.) I spat back (though very weakly), and she punched me two more times in the forehead. That was enough, and so I punched her twice in the mouth. (She was at least three inches taller than me; we were both aiming at each other’s nose.) She bled, as anyone does who has been hit in the mouth. A crowd gathered, and a 20-something Spanish guy sucker-punched me, and left, and a black and a Spanish guy in their twenties then grabbed me, wrenching my shoulder. When police arrived, a 35-40 year-old, chunky, white blonde lied to them, and said I was the attacker. (I called her, “Aunt Jemima.”) With my wife seven months pregnant, I was arrested, spent all day in a jail cell, got fired from my job, and that was just the beginning of my problems.

In the squad car, on the way to the precinct, I told the two white policemen who arrested me, “They think they can get away with anything.” One of the cops reported that statement to the prosecutor as “racist,” and the prosecutor at one of my many court dates thus spoke, referring to yours truly, of “the racial nature of the crime….”

Woman slashed in face walking to work in Manhattan
By Daniel Prendergast
January 6, 2016 | 9:00am | Updated
New York Post
[Absolutely no comments permitted!]

A stranger slashed a 24-year-old Whole Foods employee in the face as she was walking to work in Manhattan early Wednesday, authorities said.

The woman was near the corner of Seventh Avenue and West 24th Street when an unknown man walked up to her and cut her face with a sharp object just after 6 a.m.

The attacker, who was described as wearing a red NBA jacket, then ran off.

The injured [wounded] woman was taken to Bellevue Hospital — where she was treated and released.


“The scene where a woman was slashed in the face early Wednesday in Manhattan. Photo: William Farrington”


Anonymous said...

Too bad the woman did not have a handgun and shot the savage dead right there. But someone might have said he had only a knife [a box cutter] and not a gun.

Anonymous said...

then his family would have come out of the cockaroach motel they're hiding in and sue the city and she would be labeled a racist for protecting herself. bastard. I'm glad someone hunted him down. He's gotten away with the random attacks - code word from black males attacking white females- for a long long time. the last one he punched a woman in the face, another so called random. again a white woman.

He snuck up on her despite wobbling all over the street. another son of Obama who makes the news.