Sunday, January 03, 2016

Certain Kinds of Murders Just aren’t being Committed Anymore (or are They?), While New Kinds are

By Nicholas Stix

A friend writes from the Midwest,

The NRA needs to offer “self-defense” shooting lessons to the “youths.” They waste so much ammo! Only two dead? But they are on Central Time (almost six hours left of January 1st ) and this is a long weekend, so they have time to raise their tally. And the damn authorities still don’t tell us how many others were beaten and stabbed to death. So we don’t have the entire “violence” totals.
BTW, the white bread [his town] totals: zero dead, zero wounded. That was for all of 2015. Zero Drive-by Shootings.

Clearly, nobody murders anyone anymore by strangulation, asphyxiation, beating, bludgeoning (or vehicle), drowning, electrocution, burning, stabbing or drugging. To believe otherwise would be to suggest that the authorities are being less than forthright with their stats.

I have a hunch that there’s been a big jump in “accidental” deaths, “suicides,” and deaths by “natural” causes by people who have stab and bullet wounds on their bodies.

Let’s consider some “disappeared” New York City murders over the years:

Gloria Cadet.

Single, unidentified, male murder victim in Rockaway Park, Queens (2015); Completely “disappeared” by the NYPD.

Christopher Marchiselli (1988): A 19-Month-Old Toddler is Scalded and Drowned; Family Court Judge Redefines His Murder as Misdemeanor Child “Neglect.”

December 1994: Four different individuals allegedly shot to death during the same night 9 p.m.-3 a.m., in Far Rockaway, Queens.

Spring, 1995: Alleged Murder in Far Rockaway, Queens, Beach 14th or Beach 15th Street.

Two shooting homicides from January 1996. Newsday crime reporter Len Levitt reported on them in his January 29, 1996 column. One was listed as a shooting homicide, with (I believe) minimal accompanying information, while the other was described as a fatal shooting of a car thief by a cop. Both would have been listed as homicides; today, both would be listed as “murders,” if the cop was white. I contacted Levitt in 2014, to try and get information, but he said he couldn’t remember anything that far back. This is a big problem, when you research old murders, as I do. Witnesses either forget crucial facts, or flat out die on you.

Adrienne Shelly: NYPD Turned Her 2008 Murder, by an Illegal Alien, into “Suicide.” (He eventually pleaded guilty to “manslaughter”; causes of manslaughter are not counted, statistically, as murders.)

Meanwhile, we are seeing a new practice of counting people who were not murdered, as “murder” victims: e.g., Walter Scott, Samuel Dubose, Laquan McDonald, et al. Black supremacists and their white racial socialist allies have sought to have a great many more such justifiable homicides (and even the odd suicide) classified and prosecuted as murders: Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, et al.

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