Thursday, March 12, 2015

Exclusive Update on the Papa John’s Murder of Gordon Schaeffer


War crime victim Gordon Schaffer, 22

Suspected war criminal Rodney Harvell

Suspected war criminal Darious Fitzpatrick, though only 17, is already a violent career criminal with several felony convictions as a juvenile; his example is spurring calls for juvenile justice reform in Tennessee

[Previously, by David in TN at WEJB/NSU on this war crime, including the comments sections, where he has added periodic updates:

“Papa John's CEO Attends Funeral of Employee Shot Dead by Robbers While Working at the Popular Pizza Chain - and Pays for his Service and Medical Expenses”; and

“War Crime Follow-Up: The Papa John’s Murder in Columbia, Tennessee.”]

By David in TN
4:59 p.m.

Today, Thursday March 12, I went by the Circuit Court Clerk's office in the Columbia, Tennessee courthouse. I asked one of the (three) women working there if there was any news on the Darious Fitzpatrick case.

One said she didn't think there was but picked up the phone, dialed someone and asked, "Is there any news on the Darious Fitzpatrick case?"

She listened a few minutes and hung up. I was then told a hearing will be held in Juvenile Court at 8:30 A.M., March 31. The hearing will determine whether Fitzpatrick will be turned over to adult court.

Then, a grand jury will convene. Assuming there is an indictment, a trial date will be set.

This is where the murder of Gordon Schaeffer, shot dead last October while working at a Papa John's pizza place, presently stands.

They are quite willing to give information. I told them I assist a true crime blog.

N.S.: “Assist” is putting it mildly!

I can now tell officials in some parts of Tennessee that I have a local reporter!


Anonymous said...

That's a rough-looking 17.

Anonymous said...

Our children and grandchildren not only have endangered jobs, but dangerous jobs awaiting them.

David In TN said...

I was at the Maury County Courthouse in Columbia, Tennessee this morning of March 31, 2015. I had been informed the County Juvenile Court would meet to transfer Darious Fitzpatrick, incarcerated for the murder of Gordon Schaeffer at a Papa John's Pizza last October to adult court.

At 8:30 am, an elderly black lady wearing a uniform opened the door for Juvenile Court. She asked everyone "Who are you here for?" When I came to the door, I told her I was there as an observer. She told me an "observer" can't come in. You have to be a relative or friend of somebody.

I saw several people who might have been relatives of the accused.

So I left. When going out the back entrance of the courthouse (only one you can use), I saw a deputy sheriff talking on a cell phone. I heard him say "Bring him around to the other side." I suspected who "him" might be.

I followed the deputy to the front side of the building. He stood there a few minutes. Then a sheriff's patrol car circled the building three times. I walked across the street and sat on a bench were I could observe.

A few minutes later, there were three patrol cars. Out of one of them came Darious Fitzpatrick. He looked just like the arrest photo. Fitzpatrick wore a green jailhouse jump suit with his hands manacled in front. He had a blank facial expression.

He was escorted by four deputy sheriffs and a juvenile system worker. One of the deputies looked at me, might have wondered why I was watching. They went through a basement entrance out of sight.

I'll check back in a month or so.