Thursday, March 26, 2015

It was Terorrism! Germanwings Crash was Deliberately Caused by Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz, 28; Was Mass Murderer of 149 a Muslim?


Andreas Lubitz

By Nicholas Stix

At a just-concluded press conference, Lufthansa initially talked nonsense about “improving training.” The training had nothing to do with it. If pilot error had caused the crash, then they could talk about “training.”

But then the Lufthansa CEO straightened out and said, “Another word should be used, not ‘suicide,’ because he killed other people. Not suicide to kill 149 people.”

You’ll never hear an American official use that sort of bluntness.

A year ago, The Boss said, “Where do we go now, Germany?” Now she says that’s out. “I’ll lose my [son].”

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