Thursday, March 26, 2015

Slavery in America: South Asian Restaurant Owner in Santa Clarita, California, Allegedly Had Slave Cook, Whom He Brutalized

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Cue the chorus: It's Whitey's fault!

The Tandoori Grill, located off Valencia Blvd. in Santa Clarita, remains closed after the owner, Pardeep Kumar, 47, was arrested for enslaving and beating the victim.

At CBS L.A..


Anonymous said...

So it was a Kumar, not a Patel from hell, nor a Singh. Why do we even allow such third world trash in this country? Their hygiene is deplorable. Their restaurants are a board of health nightmare. They commit every type of fraud.If one is unfortunate enough to live next to them in an apartment or condo, surely roaches and bedbugs will arrive along with the funk.

Anonymous said...

Indentured servitude of
Chinese illegal aliens has been an aspect of this nature for generations.

Persons smuggled in the U.S. and worked 7 days a week, 12 hours per day for 7 years to pay off the "snakehead" smuggler.

These Chinese are paid minimum wage by their employer and yet are able to save half during their sojourn as an indentured.

ONLY the Chinese!

Anonymous said...

Slavery has been alive and well in the United States for many decades.

And almost without exception a crime committed by dark skinned person, a slave master walking around with $50,000 cash in the breast pocket of their shirt.