Saturday, March 21, 2015

Austin, Texas: Man Who Committed Hate Crime Hoax Outs Himself, and Promises More to Come!

By A Texas Reader
Yesterday we told you about how Austin was all in a tizzy after someone took it upon him or herself to do a bit of direct action and hit the East Side’s most gentrifi-licious businesses with “Exclusively for White People” stickers. Now the man behind the…

At Death and Taxes Magazine.


Anonymous said...

The guy needs to be charged with littering and pay a large fine.

Also the cost of the police work for having to investigate a false hate crime. Whatever hate is.

Anonymous said...

This fool is evidently some sort of gadfly agitator criminal defense lawyer. He needs to go all over the city where he put these stickers and remove each one for community service.

Anonymous said...

If Adam Reposa is a lawyer, he certainly isn't licensed to practice law in Texas. There is no Adam Reposa listed as an attorney on the State Bar of Texas web site.