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What Does Genderfluid Mean? (Do You Suffer from Penis AND Vagina Envy?)

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Tumblristas - Episode 6 (RETAIL MARXIST REVOLT)
February 12, 2015
Common Filth

Daniel Walsh

What the hell does genderfluid even mean?


Your gender changes. Example would be someone who considers themselves male on certain days and female on others along with the other 9000 new genders.


They believe that their gender changes on a whim, and that what you're doing can have an impact on whether you're male, female, ketchup or a tortoise that day. I know a couple people who identify that way, and they're pretty chill, but part of me realizes I'd be embarrassed by them in public, and everyone else who identifies that way that I've met was incredibly obnoxious. The LGBTQ community is a fashion accessory to most of these people. I'm supercool with trans people and drag queens, supercool with other members of the LGBTQ community, hell, I'm bisexual, but there's something depressing when a straight person pretends to be a member and switches back and forth between penis- and vagina-envy in a day because they think gender and sex-type are so loose-weave that they're interchangeable with "attention whore" and "narcissist."

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