Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hate Crime in Germany: Brutal Gang Attack by 6 Turkish Moslems, Who Came Close to Murdering Lone White German Teenager in Bobingen; Mohammedans Stomped Boy Unconscious; Police Covered Up Crime for Days

Translated from the German by Nicholas Stix

It was only after I’d finished the translation that I saw that this story was from November, 2013!

Via Citizens’ Movement North Rhein/Westphalen.

Young Men Beat Down 16-Year-Old for No Reason
By Pitt Schurian
27. November 2013 10:54 a.m.
Augsburger Allgemeine

A group of young Turks [Moslems] did not know the 16-year-old; they simply wanted to blow off some rage. There were kicks in front of the Bobingen City Hall, until the victim lost consciousness.

Six young Turks jumped a 16-year-old German in front of Bobingen’s City Hall, beating and stomping him. All of this apparently occurred without a motive. The victim was traumatized and suffered, among other things, swelling of the brain.

16-Year-Old Brutally Beaten for No Reason

As was reported on Tuesday, the attack occurred late in the wee hours of Saturday. The police explained its silence until now with claims that this was necessary until now, in order to clear up the attack’s background.

Yesterday, the local head police inspector, Maximilian Wellner, said, “The group pounded away on the youth without any reason. We investigated everything: There were no previous contacts; relations to a girl, or conflicts. They simply looked for a lone person, against whom to let loose rage.

The Victim was from Augsburg, and was on His Way Home

The victim was 16 years of age. He had come with the train from Augusburg at about 10:45 p.m. Friday, and he was on his way home. According to police, six or seven Turkish youths 16 and 17 years of age followed him from the train station, and he was seeking to flee them, by running into the city. [This paragraph is unclear to me. If he was headed home, why would he flee into the city?]

As Bobingen’s Deputy Chief of Police Helmut Kleber narrated, “They caught up to him at City Hall Place, and began severely beating him. Several perpetrators hit the victim with fists and stomped on him. He was also hit with a belt.

As the Boy Already Lay on the Ground, Came the Kicks

According to police, as the 16-year-old boy lay on the ground, the punches and kicks continued. After two massive kicks hit him in the head, he was briefly unconscious.

The interrogation of the participants determined further that this brutal act was clearly too much for some of the participants, such that they pulled the attackers away from the victim, who was then able to save himself at a nearby police station.

Shortly thereafter, police found two suspects near the scene of the crime. They were provisionally taken into custody. During questioning, one confessed to having hit the victim. He also named all other perpetrators from his group. All have now been charged with “dangerous bodily injury.” Five were from Bobingen, and one from Königsbrunn.

The victim required treatment in Bobingen’s Wertach Clinic. Lacerations and contusions were found all over his body.


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The Turk wants to become part of the EU. NEVER. What a mistake that would be.

Take the Turk out of Turkey but you can't take the Muslim out of the Turk.

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Kicks and stomps of that nature is the use of lethal force.