Monday, March 23, 2015

Black Supremacists Who Tried to Destroy Whites’ Brunch Got the Surprise of Their Lives in Minnesota, Yes, Minnesota, Yesterday, as Whites Fought Back!

White heroine on the phone

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to the old friend who sent this.

One of the black supremacists, Vanessa @BaconTribe twitted,

“They said get out, chanted white lives, blue lives, put their hands on us. Our signs were taken. But I’ve been thru worse. #BlackBrunchMN”

They were trespassers, racially harassing paying customers, staff, and owners. Their sense of racial entitlement is such that they believe they can terrorize whites anywhere, anytime, and break any laws to do it, but that the latter have no right to self-defense, or anything else.

They also claim to be “protesters.” First of all, harassing people based solely on the color of their skin is not “protest.” Second, the entire basis of their “protest” is whites’ mere existence.

The black supremacist above was calling it “violet” (sic) that whites defended themselves against her and her comrades’ racist violence.

At Gateway Pundit.

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Anonymous said...

N.S. your racially harassing and racial entitlement are descriptions that bare such truth. That is part of the con game.They have become extremely emboldened under this administration. Liberals who voted for this Mao Mao should be tried for treason.