Friday, March 27, 2015

Scott Walker: The GOP’s Arafat?


Yasir Arafat, who sought to blow up Israel, in 1999

Scott Walker, who seeks to "blow up" America, in an undated picture

By Nicholas Stix

The late Arab Moslem terrorist Yasir Arafat was notorious for telling Western audiences in English that he wanted peace with the Jews of Israel, while telling Arab Moslem audiences in Arabic that his life was dedicated to running the Jews into the sea. It was the latter claim that was Arafat’s true intention.

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker recently said he was against a mass amnesty for illegal aliens, but that’s not what he told a private dinner in Donorstan earlier this month.


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Anonymous said...

He is the ugliest reptile that ever lived. It was always rumored that he was gay, eventually his death was due to aids.