Thursday, March 26, 2015

He May be a Rapist, but He’s Our Rapist! Bears Criticized for Signing Player Under Investigation in Sex Assault Case

By Nicholas Stix


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Anonymous said...

It seems pretty clear that both accusations against him are hoaxes. He needs to stop hanging out with crazy bitches. But the real scandal here is that evil, lying gold-diggers are able so easily to get innocent men arrested and destroy their lives.

In the first incident, he broke up a fight between his fiancee and some women that she had attacked. He then called the police to have her removed from his house. As soon as she saw him doing that, the fiancee, a crazy bitch who had previously threatened him with a gun, then called the police to accuse him falsely of domestic abuse. The district attorney refused to bring charges against him, noting that all of the guests at the party had confirmed his version of events, praising him for cooperating fully with their investigation, and denouncing the woman for refusing to cooperate.

In the second, a group of women who he had met at a bar came home with him. He had sex with one of them in his hot tub. She spent the night in his bed, and spent the entire next day at his house drinking with him. She now says she doesn't remember whether they had sex or not, but if she did, she is sure it was nonconsensual. None of her friends back up her story and he has videotapes from his home surveillance system that prove that the sex was consensual. He has sued the woman for lying, but unfortunately the state almost never prosecutes women for their false accusations.