Saturday, March 28, 2015

Social Entrepreneurship in Minnesota: Lutheran Social Services Refugee Racketeers, Led by CEO Jodi Harpstead, are Making Millions of Dollars by Bringing in Stone-Age Moslem Welfare Parasite-Jihadis from Somalia



By Nicholas Stix



Chicago guy said...

It's the federal government using our tax money to shaft us in endless ways. People like her go for the money and it's us paying her and all the rest. These are all the 'good' people who have gone to 'good schools' and live in 'good neighborhoods' who are ruining everything. These 'good' people are on the same level as producers of pornography or drug importers.The Somalis seem to be very troublesome wherever they go; there's a lot of reports about their craziness.

Anonymous said...

These immoral do gooders inflict great damage on society They get rewarded financially at struggling taxpayers expense. It is insane to import these ungrateful, dangerous Islamic leeches. If good intentions pave the way to hell, may they live in hell with them.